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Discover Hoorn with a day trip to Hoorn..

Daytrip to Hoorn: What to see and do in Hoorn

If you’re looking to visit Hoorn for just the day, it can be difficult to pick and choose what to visit. We have listed the absolute must-sees for you, including our free self-guided and interactive walking tour. With our free self-guided and interactive walking tour, you get to see the most remarkable city highlights.

How to get in Hoorn?

Hoorn is located just 30 minutes from Amsterdam. If you are traveling from Amsterdam Central Station, trains are departing every 30 minutes from 7 or 8. The train ride takes approximately 30 minutes and cost 8,70 euro for a single trip. Hoorn’s train station is centrally located, which makes it easy to access the city from the train station. Once you exit the train station, follow the ‘Veemarkt’ to walk towards the city center. In about 5 minutes you are in the middle of the city center.

A day trip to Hoorn..

10:00 – 11:00 – Coffee and sweets at ‘Koffielokaal’ 

First things first: coffee! One of the more popular places to locals, is ‘Koffielokaal’. This cute coffee bar, with a Scandinavian inspired interior, is the perfect place to start the day. It opens at 8:00AM, and serves a wide variety of different coffees. Our personal favorite is the flat white. Next to coffee, you get also get a range of freshly baked sweets here.

11:00 – 12:30 – Explore Hoorn with our free walking tour: free self-guided and interactive walking tour  

One of our favorite ways to explore Hoorn, is by foot. It’s a real joy to experience the city, by strolling through the small streets and enjoy the lovely architecture the city has to offer. The VisitHoorn walking tour is completely free and self-guided. This means, that you don’t have to wait for a guide, but you are your own guide! With our interactive map, you can easily follow the route and at important landmarks, you can select the pin on the map to read more detail about this particular landmark. All important landmarks are included in this walking tour and the total duration is approximtely 60-90 minutes including sightseeing.

Go to the free walking tour

If you decide to discover Hoorn by yourself, these are the absolute must-sees, when you visit Hoorn:

Roode Steen, Hoorn’s main square..

Being the main square in Hoorn, the ‘Roode Steen’ is a site you don’t want to miss. The centrally located square is the crossroad from several shopping streets to the city’s harbors. On the ‘Roode Steen’, you can also find the ‘Westfries Museum’ and the statue of ‘Jan Pieterszoon Coen’. Literally translated in ‘Red Stone’ this particular place got its name from the many executions that happened on the square. Next to the statue of Jan Pieterszoon Coen a large red stone is a silent witness of the past.

hoofdtoren hoorn

De Hoofdtoren, Hoorn’s former defense tower..

A sight you can’t ignore when strolling through the main harbor of Hoorn is ‘de Hoofdtoren’. Named after the dock, ‘Houten Hoofd’, which is directly located behind the large defense tower. ‘De Hoofdtoren’ is the main defense tower of Hoorn and was used between 1532 and 1614. Today, you can still enter the tower, and a restaurant is located on its top floor.

oostereiland hoorn

Oostereiland, from warehouses to prison, to hotel..

Oostereiland allows you to go back in time and experience the lovely nature that Hoorn has to offer. Located next to the Grashaven, the large prison building is a real eye-catcher. Take the time to walk around the island, appreciate the view of Oostereiland on the open water (IJsselmeer).

12:30 – 14:00 – Lunch at ‘De Tuynkamer’

Another local favorite is ‘De Tuynkamer’, which is located at the Gedempte Turfhaven. This place is always packed with locals and serves a wide variety of delicious dishes, coffee and fresh juices. Our favorite spot is the greenhouse, which can be found completely in the back. This hidden an bright space is the perfect place to enjoy lunch after exploring the city center.

14:00 – 15:30 – Visit the ‘Westfriesmuseum’

Something you can’t mis is the ‘Westfriesmuseum’. Located in the main city square, the ‘Roode Steen’, the ‘Westfries Museum’ is Hoorn’s main museum. The museum exhibits the wealth of the Golden Age, from paintings, silverware and VOC related artefacts. Visiting the ‘Westfries Museum’ means going back in time and truly experiencing 17th century life. The museum is a real beauty to behold and an official city monument, dating back to 1632. The ‘Westfries Museum’ shows the full collection in a range of 25 different rooms. When you visit the museum, you can also virtually experience Hoorn, with the VR experience. The VR experience allows you to walk through Hoorn of 1650 and to sail the VOC-ship Kaap Hoorn. Please keep in mind that the VR experience most likely requires a reservation up front.

16:00 – Drinks at ‘de Hoofdtoren’. Drinks with a view. 

You have probably noticed the ‘Hoofdtoren’, when strolling through the main Harbour of Hoorn. As the main defense tower of the city, it’s one of those places that are full of history. If you are looking for a nice place to have drinks, this might be your spot. Enter the tower via the traditional stairs, where you can find the restaurant. Find yourself a window table and enjoy the view over the ‘Markermeer’. Enjoy the view, the same way that tower guards must have done in the past.

18:00 – Dinner ‘bij Meta’ – the perfect closure of your day trip to Hoorn.

‘Bij Meta’ is again one of those places, that is loved by the locals of Hoorn. Just located on the edge of the city center, close to the train station, you’ll find ‘Bij Meta’. We are absolutely in love with their meat dishes, which come from a particular grill, which gives the meat that typical charred flavor. As this restaurant is located near the central train station, it’s the perfect place to end the day. Located less than a minute away from the train station, you don’t have to worry about finding your way back.