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In a time of trade, discovery and wealth for the Netherlands, the astonishing city of Hoorn was renowned for its importance for the Dutch East India Company. Discover the traditional architecture, the picturesque harbors and the old town, and you will instantly fall in love with this city, just like we have.

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Steam train –  from Hoorn to Medemblik

The steam tram from Hoorn to Medemblik started running in 1887. Today, you can still enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape by taking a ride on this mighty steam tram. Get ready, jump on the tram, wait for the whistles, lean back and have a good time riding on a great piece of history.

Westfries Museum

Located in the main city square, the ‘Roode Steen’, the ‘Westfries Museum’ is Hoorn’s main museum. The museum exhibits the wealth of the Golden Age, from paintings, silverware and VOC related artefacts. Visiting the ‘Westfries Museum’ means going back in time and truly experiencing 17th century life.

Museum of the 20th Century

Where the other Museums take you back to the 17th Century, this museum is all about the 20th Century. Go back in time and experience how our ancestors lived. Since 2011 the Museum of the 20th Century has been situated on Oostereiland, while it was officially opened in 1994. The museum harbors a great variety of collections, from living rooms over toys, to shops from the 20th century.

Things to see in Hoorn..

‘Oosterpoort’ – Hoorn’s only remaining city gate (1578)

As the only remaining city gate of Hoorn, the ‘Oosterpoort’ is a real piece of history to behold. The gate was first built in 1578, and about 30 years later, the gate was expanded and a little house was built upon it. The gate is located next to the ‘Draafsingel’, a canal which was dug for defense purposes to protect the city center. Today, the gate blends in perfectly with everyday life and many locals use it on a daily basis to enter or leave the city center. 

‘Oostereiland’ – From Warehouse, to Prison, to Hotel & Cinema (1668)

Oostereiland allows you to go back in time and experience the lovely nature that Hoorn has to offer. Located next to the Grashaven, the large prison building is a real eye-catcher. Take the time to walk around the island, appreciate the view of Oostereiland on the open water (IJsselmeer), and enjoy great cakes and coffee at the prison-based cafe ‘Brasserie Oostereiland’. 

‘Hoofdtoren’ – Hoorn’s main defence tower

A sight you can’t ignore when strolling through the main harbor of Hoorn is ‘de Hoofdtoren’. Named after the dock, ‘Houten Hoofd’, which is directly located behind the large defense tower. ‘De Hoofdtoren’ is the main defense tower of Hoorn and was used between 1532 and 1614. Today, you can still enter the tower, and a restaurant is located on its top floor.

Where is Hoorn located? 

Hoorn is a picturesque town, located just 30 minutes up north from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hoorn is located in the ‘West-Friesland’ region, which is well known for it’s tulip fields and meadows. Furthermore, Hoorn is located next to the ‘Markermeer’, which is the main lake in Holland.

How to get in Hoorn?

Hoorn is located just 30 minutes from Amsterdam. If you are traveling from Amsterdam Central Station, trains are departing every 30 minutes from track 7 or 8. The train from Amsterdam to Hoorn takes approximately 30 minutes and cost 8,70 euro for a single trip. Hoorn’s train station is centrally located, which makes it easy to access the city from the train station.

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From a small town, to a key player in the battle against Spain..

The waterside town was founded in 716. In 1356, Hoorn received its official city rights, which rapidly fueled its growth as a trade city. Due to its strategic location and access to trade routes, Hoorn became a center of importance to the Dutch East India Company (VOC), whose main focus was the trade in commodities such as pepper, nutmeg and cloves. Hoorn played a crucial role in the existence of the so-called Dutch Golden Age, a time of prosperity and wealth. Today, you can still see and feel that wealth the city echoed to the rest of the world back in those days, with impressive historical facades, stunning architecture, marvelous museums and picturesque harbors.

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