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All about the Golden Age!

Westfries Museum 

Located in the main city square, the ‘Roode Steen’, the ‘Westfries Museum’ is Hoorn’s main museum. The museum exhibits the wealth of the Golden Age, from paintings, silverware and VOC related artefacts.

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Don’t miss tulip season!

Tulip Fields around Hoorn 

Hoorn and the surrounding region ‘West-Friesland’, is known for the most beautiful flower fields. You can even jump on an old steam train and enjoy the tulip field, while enjoying this iconic train ride.

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Steam tram Hoorn

The steam tram from Hoorn to Medmeblik started running in 1887. Today, you can still enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape by taking a ride on this mighty steam tram. Get ready, jump on the tram, wait for the whistles, lean back and have a good time riding on a great piece of history.

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Oostereiland allows you to go back in time and experience the lovely nature that Hoorn has to offer. Located next to the Grashaven, the large prison building is a real eye-catcher.

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Cheese Market Hoorn

In the period 18 June and 27 August, you can visit the cheese market in Hoorn every Tuesday. Here you can enjoy folkloristic dance, the cheese carriers and cheese market of Hoorn.

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Activities in Hoorn..

Guided tour with a local city guide

If you really want to get to know Hoorn, book a guided tour! Perfect for larger groups or families with children. City guide Alette takes you along the historical sights and introduces you to Hoorn.

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Water Taxi

One of the best ways to truly experience the city is by water. Enjoy a city tour or simply a short boat ride from one stop to another, with the Water Taxi in Hoorn.

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Museum of the 20th Century

Where the other Museums take you back to the 17th Century, this museum is all about the 20th Century. Go back in time and experience how our ancestors lived.

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Marina Kaap

Located 10 minutes from the city center of Hoorn, is ‘Marina Kaap’, which is one of the outskirts harbors of Hoorn. Marina Kaap is a new harbor, compared to the historic harbors of Hoorn and was developed in 2013.

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Things to do in Hoorn, recommended by locals. Experience Hoorn to the fullest.

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