Museum 20th Century

Activities in Hoorn – Museum of the 20th Century

Museum of the 20th Century

Where the other Museums take you back to the 17th Century, this museum is all about the 20th Century. Go back in time and experience how our ancestors lived.

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Museum of the 20th Century

Since 2011 the Museum of the 20th Century has been situated on Oostereiland, while it was officially opened in 1994. The museum harbors a great variety of collections, from living rooms over toys, to shops from the 20th century. The museum has a free English audio tour available at the reception.

Address details:

Krententuin 24
1621 DG Hoorn
The Netherlands

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More information about the Museum of the 20th Century

The Museum of the 20th century is all about the periode between 1900-1980. Visiting this museum, really means going back in time. It’s a great way for families with kids, to show, how life was in the past. From nostalgic exhibitions, to rooms full of retro electronic hardware. For many of the visitors of the Museum of the 20th Century, it’s a journey back in time, as many recognizable items can be found here. One of our favorite parts of the museum, is the old shopping street area, where you can for example find a candy, barber and tailor shop. The museum offers a free audio tour, which includes different songs and news items from the past.

The museum is located in the old prison building on Oostereiland, which makes it an impressive location to experience.