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Go back in time - all about the Dutch Golden Age!

Visiting the ‘Westfries Museum’ means going back in time and truly experiencing 17th century life. The museum is a real beauty to behold and an official city monument, dating back to 1632. The ‘Westfries Museum’ shows the full collection in a range of 27 different rooms.

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The Westfries Museum – Museum about the Golden Age

Located in the main city square, the ‘Roode Steen’, the ‘Westfries Museum’ is Hoorn’s main museum. The museum exhibits the wealth of the Golden Age, from paintings, silverware and VOC related artefacts.

The museum also offers a completely unique VR experience. By means of VR glasses, you imagine yourself in Batavia in 1627 and you get a good idea of ​​what life must have been like there. The basis for this VR experience is the oldest painted map of Batavia dating from 1627. You will be shown around by mapmaker Frans Floris van Berckenrode, the maker of the map that was discovered in 1918 in an attic of the town hall of Hoorn. Keep in mind that the VR experience most likely requires a reservation up front.

Address details:

Roode Steen 1
1621 CV Hoorn
The Netherlands

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More information about the Westfries Museum..

The museum on the Roode Steen, was not always a museum. The building from 1632, had different functions in the past. In 1795, the building was used as a court hall. The prison cells, can still be found on the attic of the building. As of 1880, the museum has been established in this unique building.

The Westfries Museum is a great place, to understand more about the Dutch history. Hoorn played a highly important role in this history, due to its great location. In the basement of the Westfries Museum, you can find a large city overview, which represents Hoorn in the Golden Age.

The museum of the Roode Steen, also has a great courtyard. From the museum, you can enter the garden, which allows you to enjoy the backside of the building and its garden.