Activities in Hoorn- Watertaxi



One of the best ways to truly experience the city is by water. Enjoy a city tour or simply a short boat ride from one stop to another, with the Water Taxi in Hoorn. Introduced to quickly transit different parts of the city, the Water Taxi allows you to enjoy the city from a different point of view. In the canal or on the IJsselmeer, the city simply looks different on a boat. Aside functioning as a taxi, you can also use the Water Taxi for more extensive tours through the city.

Address details

Oostereiland 21
1621 DD Hoorn
The Netherlands
(Different hop-on locations throughout Hoorn)

€ 2,50
per person – per ride

Price per person:
Taxi (harbour only from A to B) € 2,50 per person

Taxi (to Oranje Buiten / Marina Kaap Hoorn) € 5,00 per person
1 hour tour (harbour of Hoorn, € 12,50 per person)

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